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About Me



Approaching 20 years combined experience, whether shooting on film sets or in the Rocky Mountains, Justin has crafted a style of his own.  Several pieces of his work have been illustrated in media and motion picture publications, including first place winner of National Park Service 2013 photo contest.  Honored to have studied with Kerry Hayes, SMPSP (X-Men, Robocop, American Psycho...), he has equipped Justin with 30 years of motion picture stills photography knowledge.

“Justin was an excellent student in my week long workshop on still photography on set. He completely grasped the essential attributes it takes to work on set and enhanced his already considerable skills as a photographer. I believe his abilities, personality and understanding of film making methodology should assure him a successful career in the field and make him an immediate asset on any production.”

   -Kerry Hayes, SMPSP, IATSE Locals 667 Canada & 600 U.S.A.

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